About Sonic Destruction

Sonic Destruction

Formed in Daytona Beach, Florida in the spring of 2005, Sonic Destruction was originally just an idea from guitarist Carlos Villegas.  After performing numerous successful “Battle of the Bands” competitions, the band established a strong presence across the Florida metal scene by early-2006.  Since then, the band has focused much of its energies to recording new music, promoting, and building a powerful fan base covering much of the south and east coast United States from Texas to Massachusetts.  Much of this fan support outside of the band’s home state comes from utilizing social media platforms for heavy online promotions, wide-spread online radio exposure and consistent regional touring.

After the band’s official debut in 2006, the group branched out to several different cities across Florida.  After the international release of their first demo, the band started to gain support from a new fan base overseas that sought an innovative and original sound.  The increasing demand to see this band live ultimately culminated in the Florida Invasion Tour followed by the USA & Canada East Coast Invasion Tour in 2007.  Sonic Destruction’s music is filled with the passion and brute force of five individuals with one vision: To set the standard for music to come.  Since separating in 2008, Sonic Destruction has reunited in late 2011 and released their brand new EP titled Rebirth in 2012. SD is tentatively planning on recording a follow up to the Rebirth EP and is looking for opportunities to getting back together for live shows.